Trying yet again.

Yes , I keep saying it I will keep trying to conquer both the computer and my art. I hope to get more order to my site and publish my new etchings which are very exciting. Lets hope this happens!!!!

My Clouds

As an artist my work deals mainly with natural tangible objects not the totally unknown.My paper is all from recycled plants,my etchings usually of natural wonders of the universe., but now I am confronted with an unknown world of space.

Fjords 22 ETCHING

My words disappearing into the “cloud”, what does this all mean? Take me back to my atelier, I am not sure I can cope.

New At this .

This is my first attempt at a blog which I find rather daunting.The thought that unknown people are reading what I write, I am shy and not part of the computer age but realise this is the only way forward.I am an artist and up to now pictures and art have expressed my feelings not writing.Is there anyone else out there that finds this a very foreign experience. I have to come to terms with this and battle through.