Feel totally beaten

Computers and I are not friends. I spend hours trying to make something work to no avail.Web sites are beyond me. Yes I can find things , email , and all the simple tasks but thats it , forget it too dififcult.

Not Getting Anywhere

After a careful search I bought metal steel, and got it cut(3 pieces). I did all the relevant prep and made the designs, I put this into Nitric acid. What have I got 3 pieces of rubbish. It is the wrong metal not “Mild Steel” any advice from German speakers please.


have big problem buying steel in Switzerland even going to Germany don’t know what to do!!!


Getting Going

I have now moved to my new atelier , big printing press as well and hopefully soon will start etching new plates.  Still finding the internet a challenge  but will try and beat it. Posting pictures, etc takes so much time.What is easy for some is really difficult for others.

I Think I Can Win

I get up in the morning and with my friendly computer I listen to BBC, check my emails and ATP tennis and a few other things that my computer lets me do without pain  Now finally WAR has been declared  and I will fight to the end in order to be the master of this beast. Today I have succeeded in putting on my “hilarysherringtonross.com”site all my wonderful handmade pictures, wow.Tomorrow I will attempt to publish more, I have to win!!!!So to all those people out there that feel like me, just fight it.!!!!

Trying to get going again!

After many interrupted months I am trying to get going again. Firstly I have to find a new atelier and then move, quite a difficult thing with a large heavy printing press. But I will succeed and hopefully by the middle of February I will be in a new artistic environment.

I am not where I want to be!

Last week i was at home and looking forward to my few days in London babysitting my grandson, and then finally getting back to my atelier to start on new things.This was not to be ,. I had to book a flight direct from London to Israel where a family member had been admitted to hospital. So here I am now , not creating in my atelier.Going everyday back and forth to hospital not knowing when i will see my atelier again , no return ticket, not easy.It is winter here and the houses are not made for these few weeks in the year, so its at the moment cold and windy.I really shouldn’t complain as I am not a migrant coming to Europe with nothing, I really feel for them, arriving now in the winter.Lets hope for a more positive 2016 for all.

My Clouds

As an artist my work deals mainly with natural tangible objects not the totally unknown.My paper is all from recycled plants,my etchings usually of natural wonders of the universe., but now I am confronted with an unknown world of space.
Fjords 22 ETCHING

My words disappearing into the “cloud”, what does this all mean? Take me back to my atelier, I am not sure I can cope.

New At this .

This is my first attempt at a blog which I find rather daunting.The thought that unknown people are reading what I write, I am shy and not part of the computer age but realise this is the only way forward.I am an artist and up to now pictures and art have expressed my feelings not writing.Is there anyone else out there that finds this a very foreign experience. I have to come to terms with this and battle through.