Fragmented Worlds 1 45×45

Corn Husks make this very lace like picture special . It really shows the fragility of our world and beyond. By hanging this 10cm from the wall on a clear perspex rod  a clear image can be seen behind.

Fragmented Worlds 2 45×45

  This picture is very complicated  and uses Artichoke leaves,Corn husks,Palm leaves and River reeds.  It is best hung 10cm from the wall and is mounted in plexi glass to maximise the fibres of the plants.

Fragmented Worlds 3 40×40

Some of the plants I have used in previous pictures come together here and show the fibres that make up our world.  Corn Husks,Palm Leaves And River Reeds By hanging this picture which is framed in plexi glass on a 10cm plexi glass rod the image behind becomes strange and mysterious and by changing the […]

Fragmented Worlds 4 35×35

This picture is made from corn husks,palm leaves and river reeds . The picture is in plexi glass and hangs 10cm from the wall which by changing the light source can give a different image.

Fragmented Worlds 5 40×40

A very delicate picture showing lots of fibres  mainly Corn Husks and Palm Leaves. It is framed in Plexi glass and hangs 10cm from the wall on a plexi glass rod.By changing the light source a different image can be obtained on the wall.

Fragmented Worlds 6 35×35

This is made from Artichoke leaves and Corn husks and Palm leaves.Hanging 10cm from the wall in plexi glass so the shadow shows through. Collected from Israel and Poland.

Fragmented Worlds 7 35X35

This is made from Palm leaves, Corn husk,and Gladioli leaves. It is Plexi glass and stands 10cm from the wall so the shadow shows.

Fragmented Worlds 8 40×40

This is made of corn husks,palm leaves and river reeds, these are collected from all different countries.The pictures are in Plexi glass and hang 10 cm from the wall so the shadow comes through.

Fragmented Worlds 9 35×35

This picture uses Artichoke leaves and Corn husks only.It gives a good picture of natural leaves when broken down into fine elements.It can hang 10cm from the wall  and is framed in Plexi glass

Fragmented Worlds 10 35×35

Like all my hand made pictures of this time ,I used River reeds,Palm Leaves and Corn Husks.The texture of this picture is particularly special and a good image can be obtained by hanging 10cm from the wall and seeing the image on the wall.

Fragmented Worlds 11 45×45

    This picture is made of Corn husks only collected in Israel. They give a very delicate view of the world  These pictures are in plexi glass hanging 10cm from the wall, so that different light angles can give a different picure.

Fragmented Worlds 12 35×35

This picture is made using one of my favourite materials “Corn Husks”.Its a long process to achieve such a beautiful texture. This can be hung alone in ┬áplexi glass without making a shadow on the wall.